Who Are We


Shrewsbury Homes for All is a local registered charity, established in 1993, working to ensure that people in the Shrewsbury area are adequately housed.

We offer free and confidential housing advice and information, and work alongside many other local groups concerned with the needs of the homeless.

Are you in any of the following situations, as being homeless doesn't just mean sleeping on the streets!

  • Temporarily staying with friends or family
  • Staying in a hostel or bed & breakfast
  • Living in very overcrowded conditions
  • At risk of violence or abuse in your home
  • Living in poor conditions that affect your health
  • Living somewhere that you do not have legal right to stay in (E.G. a squat)
  • Living somewhere that you can't afford to pay for without depriving yourself of basic essentials
  • Forced to live apart from your family or someone you would normally live with, because your accommodation isn't suitable

If you fit in to any of the above categories then click here to contact us to discuss your situation